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A career true to yourself is the one that grows your personal potentials and makes you feel good.  You’re happy, fulfilled, healthy and wealthy.

Be true to yourself is a concept that relates more to subjective feelings than to objective evidence.
It can be described as that peaceful feeling in your chest -like being at home – when making crucial life decisions.

Nevertheless, it’s an important factor to the quality of your life.

Along these same lines, choosing a career that’s true to yourself means choosing a profession that makes you feel that same way.

Common wisdom states that being true to yourself is equal to liking, with no concern whether the career is a good fit or not—“you’ll learn as you go.”  Nothing is further than the truth.

Modern human beings rarely perform self-examination, or introspection. Unaware of the origin of their likes and dislikes, their mind are easily influenced and manipulated by their surroundings; as social psychology studies reveal. The career you choose because you ‘like’  may have been the fad of the moment, or you could also have been influenced by your family, friends, peers or some commercials. After practicing that career 10 or more years, you may realize that you’re dissatisfied with your job.  It’s not what you wanted!

In times when life quality is a priority, staying true to yourself is an important consideration when choosing a profession because earning a living is a long-term activity. It occupies 75% of our lifetime, and it should provide for you and your family for as long as you live—do not count on social security in future years. It should also keep up with inflation as to secure you with a comfortable living as time passess.
Above all, it should not drain your body’s energy, so it will be able to sustain you as you advance your career as well as allowing you enjoy your family and life to the fullest. A poor career choice is a health hazard.

The profession you choose as a career should fit your mind, body and soul. The product of the chosen career should align with your life purpose, your body’s natural tendencies, and your goals. It should be an activity you don’t mind doing for life and that it makes sense to you.

So how do you find the career that will let you be true to yourself and at the same time provide you with comfortable living and health for the rest of your life?
The answer is: choose a career that fits your potential inborn talents (yes, we’re all born with one or more!) and build upon them.

When you align your inborn talents with your career, you have endurance to perform the related activities for life.

If you’re naturally “wired” to do the job, not only will you enjoy doing it for a long time, you will also find it easier to excel. These are all ingredients for a rewarding career and a successful, happy life.
When you’re doing an activity consistently and sustainably, the natural tendency is to grow. In other words, when you’re doing something you enjoy over a long period of time, you will find better ways to go about doing it. This is known as growth; it is equal to climbing the ladder of career advancement. This is also how you keep up with inflation—you make yourself more valuable as time passes, so at the end your earnings will remain the same (or even increase) even as the currency devalues.

Additionally, people notice when you’re true to yourself—you will attract clients, customers, potential partners and growth opportunities without much effort. In my opinion, this is the most important factor for a successful career.

Spiritually speaking, choosing a career that’s true to yourself is choosing based on your inborn potential talents. Why? Because it’s your gift to this world, and is the only thing that is truly yours that you can exchange for money.

In conclusion, in order to find the career that’s true to yourself, find out what your inborn potential talents are, and then choose a career that fits those talents.  Don’t go by what you like at the moment.  Leave it for your hobbies. Go by what you’re good at, and feel like at home.

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