Align your career with your true self  for a better health and life.

 Hi!  I'm Lilly Lei, M.D.

I help people advance their careers by staying true to themselves.

My mission is to guide them to their true self for health and wealth.

I have a background on both Western and Eastern medicine.  During my medical practice, I grew tired of treating illnesses without resolution; regardless of which approach I used.

Looking deeper into my patients, I discovered that often the root-cause came from a poor career choice - which made their lives miserable; hence, the sickness.  They didn’t know it, but I could see it. (Read more)

A lack of understanding of who we are, unawareness of our hidden talents and personal resources were the culprits. Basically, we don’t know ourselves, and we’re making important decision about our lives! 

Henceforth, my mission is three-fold: 1) Inform you of what you were born to do in life - using my birth chart analysis skills.  2) Help you realize how you may be blocking the realization of your own potentials.  3) Provide you with tools to resolve your blockages.

With this understanding in hand, decisions for career, life and health begin aligning with your true self.

Thus, Nature works alongside you and not against.

This is my “medicine” and an alternative to healing.

I hope my website helps you find your true self!

If you're interested to know whether you are in a career true to yourself, click the button below for a consultation.