Lilly Lei, M.D

Born in Venezuela from Chinese parents and lived half of her life in the US, she's been all over the world incessantly looking for tools to heal and promote health and well-being.

Lilly’s desires for healing the world, and herself, has taken her into a journey from Western to Eastern medicine.  A journey that covered health systems from the material to the energetic point of view

In Western medicine, she trained in Internal Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Non-invasive Pain Medicine, Restorative Neurology.

In Eastern Medicine, she practices Classical Chinese medicine, which includes metaphysical notions of health and disease.  Among her available diagnostic tools, she uses Chinese Astrology.   For prevention and correction, she uses Acupuncture, Medical Qigong and Feng Shui.

These were some of her training grounds:  

Universidad Central de Venezuela, New York University at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation, Baylor college in Texas, New York Acupuncture schools, Medical Qigong in Princeton, New Jersey,  and Chinese Metaphysics in Singapore.

Having experienced CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), aka. Adrenal insufficiency, she tapped her own healing potential to restore her health naturally.  She used a program of Classical Chinese Medicine with emphasis on Medical Qigong. Adding a spiritual work-out component, she shortened the recovery time.  Providing long-lasting wellness and a wisdom-building effect.

This healing experience helped her gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body dynamic.  Which is not described in mainstream books. She intends to extend these positive outcomes to the public with her program:

Journey into the Self for Health - A Self-Healing experience

(JSFH, pronounced as JAYSELF)  

Tapping into the natural healing resources while seeking your true nature.

It builds vitality and wellness unfolding your innate intuitive potentials.


Hope you benefit from this program.


Lilly Lei, M.D.