Brain Power Booster Meditation Class

 Learn this meditation to recharge your brain for new ideas and solutions to unsolved questions.

 Ideal for those who can't quiet their mind chatter.

Based on Chinese Medical Qigong (Chi-Kung).  It taps into your bio-energy field.
A practice complementary to the process of exploring and aligning to your true self.
A 2 1/2 day weekend class.  Classes have a component of yoga-type of class with sitting meditation.
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Know Thyself Meditation Class

Explore how specific emotions and/or activities affect your mind.

A 1 1/2 hr for 7 days meditation practice using MUSE EEG sensing  headbands as feedback to explore how your specific emotions, physical condition and daily life activities affect your mind.
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Regular meditators - FREE

Consistent practice of meditation provides useful insights to daily life unsolved questions.

Bring your journal and capture important insights happening during the meditation.

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