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Raise your energy with mEDICAL qIGONG/CHI KUNG Meditation


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Raise Your Body’s Energy

Prepare your Body & Mind for Winter 2020



As you all know, we are still in a Covid-19 pandemic.

With NO intention to invoke fear, this is a good opportunity to put your health in order.

The best time to begin preparing is now before Fall and Winter arrive.

As the daylight begins to shorten, your body feels it but not your mind: that’s why you keep going without being aware that your body is draining energy.

The sunlight supports your immune system – it charges your body with energy during Spring and Summer.
But when Fall and Winter arrive, who will support your immune system?

This is the reason why disease spikes in the Winter, and with COVID-19 around, fatalities will only rise.

So let’s take this opportunity to put your health affairs in order.

Although it takes many angles to adjust one’s health, my advice is to always begin by raising your body’s energy.

So, raise your body’s energy and raise your immune system.
Learn medical Qigong meditation

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Learn Medical Qigong Meditation


What People are Saying

“I’m feeling minus 15 years from my real age, and this process is continuing”


Sam V, PhD

“It’s an awesome way to relax, disconnect and reduce anxiety”


Sandra A.

“Take a trip to find out what an adventurous genius your energy is, and the fun you’ll have while journeying into your Self.”

Loretta N.

“I remember the practice feeling very strange at first, but with time and patience (hers & mine!) I began to feel the energy flow and my health improve”

Pat B.

Prepare your Body & Mind for Winter 2020

Raise your energy with Medical Qigong / Chi-Kung Meditation


Experience the Qigong effect




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