The first step to Self-Healing



is the ability to heal on your own

without depending permanently on external medicinal resources; natural or man-made.

It is an intuitive ability to know what your body, mind and spirit needs.

It's what makes some people age well. 


My name is Lilly Lei, M.D.  

I'm a physician with background on both medicines, Western and Eastern.
I teach a particular kind of Medical Qigong practice combined with Self-improvement techniques to awaken people's Self-Healing ability and build up their vitality. 
It's the best customized healthcare, since there's no two alike.  It's based on the notion that we're all born intuitive.  That few has cultivated this ability.  But most have not, and we should.  If we want to have the level of health that we strive for.
The desire to heal the world and myself, and feel vital, has taken me into this long journey.

I have formal training in Internal Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Non-invasive Pain Management, Acupuncture, TCM, Medical Qigong, Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui. Read more.

Seems a lot of training for one person and for one lifetime.

My real education did not come from schools or millenary body of knowledge. It came from my experience with my personal and family health challenges, and my desire to not depend on medications forever.

I realized that healing is a natural process, like breathing.  But many times our unintended attitudes and actions block it.  We don't listen to our own true voice.

Reason why I assembled the JSELF (short for Journey into the Self for Health) program.  It will help you through the process of restoring your health with the least and only necessary input of external healing resources, while learning to discern your true voice.  

You will re-learn to Self-Heal.


If you’re looking for a fast process, or looking for someone to heal you...

then STOP.  This is not the site for you.

 But take home this message:

The real Self-Healing happens when you listen and live by your true voice.

But which voice?   This is what you have to find out.

If you want to learn to Self-Heal,

Feel vital, energized and healthy

without depending on external resources,

continue reading...

Seal-Healing is a mental skill.

It's not easy since we were all conditioned to listen to outside voices since infancy.


It takes courage, perseverance and patience.

Because nothing beats the feeling of your own vitality!


Dedicated to those whose

Life priority is Health


“ When health is absent,

wisdom cannot reveal itself,

art cannot manifest,

strength cannot fight,

wealth becomes useless,

and intelligence cannot be applied ”

Herophilus (325-255 B. C.) Greek physician

Empty your cup of tea (pre-conceptions) first,

before Self-healing information can be filled in.

The first step to Self-Healing


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A consistent practice is essential to develop any new skill.  Self-Healing skill is no different.





Peaceful feeling.  Great for well-being and peaceful, relaxed feeling.


Coral Gables, FL

I loved it!

You have to try it, to start this journey.

Thank you very much!!!

Tanya Gorbacheva

Montreal, Canada

Qigong Meditation brings you outside of yourself

…and also Dr. Lilly is an excellent coach, nice and professional person.  Thank you!

Dr. Sam Vasserman

Kendall, Fl.

Helpful, relaxing, pleasant, natural, interesting…

Dear Lilly,
I will always be grateful to you for helping and giving me the opportunity to participate in your Qigong groups . In the most difficult time in my life , your Qigong classes  helped me to disconnect my self completely , to feel strong , heathy , liberated , and in a wonderful life .  Yes , your Qigong , and your expertise and kindness  helped me to go ahead  .
Thank you for everything  , yours for ever ,


West New York, NJ

Thank you for everything

For years I was looking for a way to cease my anxiety and panic attacks, I looked into yoga, but did not help me.

On September 2001, while the world was in state of shock and tension, Dr. Lilly, invited me to be part of a meditation group, Qi-Gong, something I never heard about.

Qi-Gong meditation was the answer to my busy mind and helped me to cope with my panic attacks.  Dr. Lilly, guidance tower our group made it very interesting and fun.

Our group became a family who was very close and supported each other.   I wish Dr. Lilly would be in our area to continue with us in this amazing practice of Qi-Gong.

Maya Fressie.

Guttenberg, NJ

Testimonial from Maya

I was introduced to Qigong in 2000. At the time I was going for acupuncture with Dr. Lilly Lei. Who introduced me to Qigong. Little did I know it would grip me for a lifetime. To this day I still practice regularly.
I can’t say enough to how it has helped me over the two decades emotionally, physically and spiritually. Whether it be to move past a decade long debilitating chronic Lyme or the loss of a beloved.

Qigong has been a good friend helping me to heal, awaken and evolve in mind, body and spirit.
Lilly turned me on to Qigong. Since then I’ve studied under a few teachers. Including the
1st and 2nd International Health Qigong  forum. Of all the methods I’ve tried; I still come home to Dr. Lilly‘s. It never gets old and continually evolves. At times even miraculous.
I am so very grateful, Lilly. You have given me a gift that has made all the difference in my world.





Qigong “The Gift”