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Unmotivated, Low on Energy, Can’t think straight?

Beat Your Fatigue For Good

With This Natural And (Easy) Health Routine

No need to take anything or go anywhere

You have tried ALL these…

  • Antidepressants 
  • Every minerals and vitamins in the health section  
  •  Supplements with crazy names 
  • Exotic oriental herbs
  • The cleanest and purest water in the world
  • Sleep on special magnetic sheets 
  • Wear the rarest crystals over your neck

….and you are still on the vicious cycle of FATIGUE.


Plus, The more you exercise, the more tired you feel.



your fatigue is crippling your ability to get things done


  • You are getting anxious because your house chores are piling up
  • Your To-do list is lengthening
  • Family commitments are waiting for you
  • Work Deadlines are coming close 

…and because it doesn’t  SHOW UP  as rashes or sores, a broken limb, or a bruise on the arm, your friends and family don’t know how to support you. You are worried and wondered whether they think you’re MAKING IT UP




I suffered from chronic fatigue for 20 years.

I refused to use any pharmacological medicine for the long term because I knew they would stunt my capacity to self-heal.

I tried any natural remedy available out there, and while some helped temporarily, the fatigue always came back.

And with each solution, I feared that nothing would ever help.

It was the lowest point in my life.  Until one day, while laying on the bed, I had an Aha! Moment

I remembered a few years back that I learned to practice MEDICAL QIGONG (pronounce as Chee-guhng ).  An ancient Chinese practice for longevity that magnifies the body’s energy field.  I remembered how energized I felt after each session. 

I began to practice the routine on my bed, and within a week, I was able to get up and continue practicing sitting down on a chair. When my body’s energy field was substantial, I regained my alertness, motivation, and strength. I became more sensitive to my surroundings, including the foods I ate.  

As much as I love, coffee, bread, and pastries, my body were rejecting them.  They could not pass beyond my throat.  On the other hand, my body became attracted to fresh fruits and vegetables.  Hence, my diet changed without conscious planning.  A good thing, because it sped up my recovery.

After six months, with renewed energy and eating healthy, the fatigue became history!


Now the Fatigue does not control me.  I control the Fatigue. 

I know how to reverse it in 30-40 minutes.

All 25 health complaints that came with my fatigue

are gone now …and they haven’t returned.



  • I have  now the energy to develop my second career

  • I’m active in sports.  Breaking my own records every time.

  • Experiencing better health than when I was younger.  



Ending procrastination and getting things done to enjoy life


A life without the boundaries of anxiety to feel free

Have the energy to start any project of your desire to feel happy

You can have all that and more and here is how I know…

Medical Qigong worked on me.  But initially, I  wondered whether it was a coincidence.

That’s when my husband reported what I experienced too.  His tiredness was gone for good too.


You’ll be amazed at what can happen in 21 days of

practicing MEDICAL QIGONG.

What The Students Are Saying…

Past students reporting level of energy at the end of the program.

Percentage of energy increased reported by students:

One student increased 200% , 3 students increased 100%, 2 students increased 75% and 2 students increased 50%



Testimonial #1

” I used to take energy drinks before training in the swimming pool.  After practicing the 21-day Raise your Energy with Medical Qigong Program, I don’t need them anymore” Loic M

Testimonial #2

” I lost 8 pounds.  feel better and more energetic”.  Sam V

Testimonial #3

” It’s about rethinking the way you’re living.  To become more aware, set priorities with the bonus of boosting your energy”. Teresa Z

What’s so unique about this program?


FIRST, it is supervised by a medical professional, LILLY LEI, M.D.,(read more) who has knowledge and experience in matters of Fatigue.  She has a background in both medical perspectives, the Eastern and the Western. She is an instructor of Medical Qigong.  Having experienced severe chronic fatigue, and recovered without taking any pharmacological pills makes her completely capable to understand your situation at every step of the recovery process.

SECOND, it frees you from the belief that you need to eat something to raise your energy.

THIRD, the practice of Medical Qigong accelerates the process of regeneration.  You will find out soon!




Begin living your life again with renewed energy, strength, and hope!

With our special  Medical Qigong Health Routine,

which is part exercise and part mindfulness training

you’ll learn how to effortlessly and naturally

restore your MIND and BODY back to a healthy state.

It’s perfect for:

  1. Physically and mentally active people who want to perform better in life.
  2. Those who want to reverse their health complaints without the use of medicines
  3. Those who want to re-activate their self-healing abilities 
  4. Those who want to learn more about their bodies, and how it really works to be SYMPTOM-FREE.
  5. Those who refuse their diagnosis be their destiny
  6. Those suffering chronic fatigue at any age


If you want to…

    1. Have the best night of your sleep 
    2. Reduce pain and aches 
    3. Reduce bloating and excess weight that holds you back from experiencing life at its fullest
    4. Enjoy your favorite foods without health consequences. 
    5. Reduce your anxiety without the worry of the next thunderstorm 
    6. Reduce your blood pressure without any work besides the practice of MEDICAL QIGONG.
    7. Use your newfound energy to say goodbye to procrastination.  
    8. Enjoy breaking your own records, if you’re into sports
    9. Feel confident even in difficult situations your focus has returned.
    10. You have newfound feelings of confidence and happiness.  

Increase your energy and improve your quality of life with


When you join, you’ll receive…

  • UNLIMITED access to 25+ easy-to-implement instructional videos
  • Virtual entrance to one of the 21-day LIVE online practices PLUS exclusive discounts on future 21-day LIVE practices.
  • Personalized coaching during live practices
  • Mentoring by Lilly Lei, M.D., with extensive experience in Western and Eastern Medicine.
  • Member-only access to a supportive Community to share similar experiences and ask questions.

Health and wellness are available to you and

it starts with learning how your body really works.

Adults breathe using the chest muscles, an inefficient way to provide oxygen.  In this module, you’ll learn a trick to quickly learn to switch to abdominal breathing. Abdominal breathing is the foundation of this practice. 
Our body is made of energy.  It travels through energy pathways and comes to the surface of the skin located in Acupuncture points and centers.  In this module, you’ll learn to connect them with the Connecting the Acupuncture Points,  so you can move your body’s energy at command.

Boost Your Energy with Thump, Taps, and Cross Crawl. This is a very useful short routine to use in moments when it drops without warning, like after strong emotions, post-lunch energy dip, etc…

Healing Sounds, part 1.  In these 2 modules, you’ll learn breathing exercises related to the 5 organs of Chinese medicine’s Five elements.
These healing sounds exercises not only help increase your lung capacity and make you feel more vital, but they exercise your facial and neck muscles to keep you looking young.
In this module, you are going to learn very gentle but yet effective exercises that will improve your lower extremities strength and balance.
This module teaches exercises for the upper extremities that aim mainly to improve posture by increasing neck and shoulder flexibility.
Lesson 8 - YIN QIGONG: The Qi ball
In this module, you will learn to sense your own energy field and discover its properties.
Lesson 9 - YIN QIGONG: Internal Organ Awareness
This module teaches you to deepen your awareness of your inner organs.
Lesson 10 - THE CLOSING
This is one of the most important modules -not to be missed.  It’s the cherry on top of the ice cream when it comes to raising the body’s energy.
21-day Raise Your Energy with Medical Qigong

Daily live online group practice for 21 days.  This is the most important segment of the program.  Its execution guarantee success.

Coaching and Mentoring
Coaching and mentoring are delivered by Dr. Lei. during the live group practice.  The feedback are not only geared to better practice the routine but for each student to understand her body better.
Access to a community of health conscious people working on raising  their vitality to improve health. 

VALUE $2,050


Bonus #1

Simple to read charts in pdf format to facilitate the practice of mindfulness meditation.

Value $37

Bonus #2

Informative video about energy management everybody suffering from fatigue should know about.

Value $47

Bonus #3

Instructional video on How to practice Medical Qigong with physical disabilities.

Value $147

Total Value: $3,231

Today’s Price: $497


21-day Guarantee

If by September 18th, 2022, which is the end of the first week of the 21-day online live class you decided is not for you, I’ll refund 100% of your money.


100% Money Back Guarantee 

I know it kind of sucks jumping into these courses blind. Here’s the deal, if you are not convinced that The RAISE YOUR ENERGY WITH MEDICAL QIGONG COURSE is for you I will offer you a full refund! Scouts honor!  But you have to give it a try.

Read more in the FAQs section


Look at the feedback report from past students.

100% of the 17 participants reported some kind of benefits after the program.

Frequently asked questions

When will the program become available?

The videos will become available August 29th, 2022, and the online Live practice (The 21-day) will start 2 weeks later, on September 12th, 2022.

Do I need a large room to practice?

No.  An area of 3×2 Sq ft is sufficient to practice this routine.  Have a sturdy chair handy, and wear comfortable clothes.  Soft shoes are recommended, or just barefoot.

Will it work for me?

Since the onset of this program, 100% of the students, who have participated in the 21 days, have reported having one benefit or another. The chances that any participant who finish the 21 day experience benefit are very high.

Look at the feedback from a previous course, 17 participants responded YES, when asked if they had benefits from the program.  

What do I actually GET inside of the course?

When you register you get access to program materials, including the training videos, reference charts, and to the practice program, the 21-day Raise Your Energy with Medical Qigong. As the program advances, more educational video will be added to the collection.

How long do I have access to the course?

LIFETIME ACCESS to the videos.

Q:How long will it take me to get through the course?

Total of ONE MONTH. Five days to watch the training videos if you spend 20 minutes watching and practicing 2 videos per day. 21 consecutive days to practice with the group. 

Do I get support, community or 1:1 access to you?

Yes, you can get support by emailing to with your questions.  During the 21-day group practice, you will have daily live access to us.

What is the refund policy?

If by September 18th, 2022, which is the end of the first week of the 21-day online live class, you decide that the program is not for you, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

You will have 2 weeks to review the videos and 7 days to practice the 21-day portion of the program with the group.  You’ve got to be present during the first 7 days in the online practice to receive your full refund.

Email by midnight of September 18th expressing your dissatisfaction, and I’ll be happy to return your investment!

But there’s a huge shift coming your way once you start practicing the 21-day Raise Your Energy with Medical Qigong, and because my main goal is to help you get back to your health, I’m ready to hold you accountable!

My health condition is not the best.

 Yes, as long as you consistently practice, you will see improvement compared to your starting day.  Medical Qigong was originally designed for patients with cancer and other chronic health conditions. You may have to make modifications to the practice, if you have some physical disabilities.

Will my insurance pay for the course?

It depends on your insurance. You can talk to your insurance and submit the payment receipt.

This feels like a huge time commitment and I already have so much on my plate right now.

You can enroll now and you’ll get lifetime access to the training videos.  So even if your schedule is a little hectic the next few weeks, you will still have access to the Raise Your Energy With Medical Qigong program when you are ready to dive in, and practice with a group in any of the 21-day practice sessions offered 3 times a year. Make sure to contact me at the email address

I have poor balance.

This is the best program to improve balance. The course comes with a bonus video that show modification to the routine if you have physical disabilities.

What’s the difference between your course and your competitors?

The main 2 differences from our competitors are that this program includes a live group practice and coached by a medical professional.  We are not going to leave you alone to figure out how to beat your fatigue for good. In this program, you not only learn to raise your vitality but you will learn a great deal about the workings of your body.  Dr. Lei will be there during the 21 days, supervising and offering individual guidance.

Is this really worth the investment?

How much your inner happiness is worth?  Feeling good and in an upbeat mood every day.  Wake up without stiffness, aches, and pain.  Watching your health complaints disappear with time.  Having the energy to take on any projects of your liking.  (These are the results reported by all the participants who had dedicated time to practicing Medical Qigong)  Do you get these same results by paying every month your health insurance?

Raise Your Energy With MEDICAL QIGONG

Beat Your Fatigue For Good And Flourish

With This Natural And (Easy) Health Routine

  • Training Videos- The whole routine in 10 lessons (Value $950)
  • Daily online group practice for 21 days
  • Coaching and Mentoring during the 21 days of practice by a medical professional
  • Access to a Community of health-conscious people working on raising their vitality to improve health. (Value $2,050)

Bonus 1. Simple to read charts to facilitate the practice of mindfulness meditation in pdf. (Value $37)

Bonus 2. Informative Video about energy management everybody suffering from fatigue should know (Value $47)

Bonus 3. Instructional video on How to practice Medical Qigong with physical disabilities. (Value $147)

Total Value: $3,231

Today’s Price: $497