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What I did this time to avoid jet lag fatigue

If you suffer from jet lag fatigue every time you travel across the oceans, like I was, watch this video. I will show you what I did this time to avoid jet lag fatigue in a trip I made to Italy in the Winter of 2021. I arrived fresh and adjusted in 24 hours to the time zone. Spoiler alert: I manage my energy Travelling is a major expenditure of your body’s energy You have to have a good reserve of energy to make the shift to your destination timezone, Otherwise, your health may be affected in a foreign country, ruining your trip experience. Jet lag fatigue is not only the feeling of Zombie-ness, brain fog, and poor memory. But any new or worsening health complaint experienced 24-48 hrs upon arrival, can be called jet lag fatigue. Common symptoms like stomachache, nausea, vomiting, headaches, constipation, or even a severe back or any joint pain, experienced 24-48 hrs after arrival, are considered jet lag fatigue. Hence, avoiding jet lag fatigue, whenever you travel across the oceans helps your body heal without medicine. This video is a segway of my last video: 8 TIPS TO AVOID JET LAG FATIGUE. I suggest you watch it first. Here is the link:–iQhok7w To arrive fresh and adjust in 24 hrs to your destination time, I did these 3 things: 1) I prepared for the trip, 2) perform acupressure during the trip, in the airplane, and 3) I changed my mindset Upon arrival. Watch inside the video for more details.