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How to avoid Jet Lag Fatigue with Acupressure

Research shows that it takes 1 day for every 2 hours of time zone traveled for a healthy body to adjust to the local time. So, for a trip from NY to Italy, which is 6 time zones, It will take 3 of your precious days to be fully adjusted. So, on a trip across the Atlantic, which situation do you prefer? 1) Roll up in the bed, in the hotel or Airbnb, suffering from Jet Lag Fatigue, Or 2): Visiting places after 24 hours of arrival to your destination place. If you choose the second one, Then you should watch this video, I will show you how to avoid jet lag fatigue using acupressure, At the end of this video, you can download a free pdf with the jet lag acupressure points, So you can use them on your next trip across the oceans and continents.