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Prepare your Body & Mind for Winter 2020

Raise your energy with Medical QIGONG/CHI-KUNG Meditation





A Self-healing Experience

Self-healing is the intuitive ability to know and provide for the needs of the body, mind and spirit.   

JSELF, short for JOURNEY INTO THE SELF FOR HEALTH & WEALTH is a program put together by Lilly Lei, M.D., which converges multiple disciplines to awaken this ability. 

Best healthcare one can get

Because there’s no two alike.   Knowing and fetching what your body, mind and spirit needs ends the confusing of information of what’s best for you at any given space and time. 

Becoming in tune with your body, mind and spirit is self-healing.

Convergence of Several Disciplines

JSELF is a Medical-Qigong-based program put together by Lilly Lei, M.D.  

It converges:

 1) Medical Qigong practice

 2) Self-development workout, 

3) Medical coaching + Mini-lectures on the energetics of Health

4) Application of Birth Chart and Feng Shui calculations

to support your journey into the self for health and wealth to find your true self.

When Medical Qigong is combined with a self-development work-out, proper medical coaching and use of metaphysics as guidance to the true self, it accelerates the recovery time and consolidates the energy in the body. 

The guidance of a knowledgeable instructor, on both medical system, is very important to understand the messages coming from the body to avoid delusions delaying the path to the true self.  

Why Medical Qigong ?

Qigong is a comprehensive mind-body-spirit work-out. The practice of Medical Qigong conduces to spontaneous self-awareness and self-examination. At the same time it’s an energizing practice, a perfect set-up for spiritual work-out.

The word Qigong, a.k.a. Chi Gung, literally means the cultivation of the human bio-energy field (aka Aura) to promote health.

It’s an ancient Chinese Taoist practice for longevity due to its self-healing properties; where Acupuncture and Chinese metaphysics come together.

Sloan-Kettering, at the  NYC Mayo Clinic, and the Center for Integrative Medicine of the University of Maryland, are some of the medical institutions incorporating Medical Qigong into their cancer recovery programs.

There are many techniques and modalities for the practice of Medical Qigong. The one I use in my program is called the Taiji five-element Qigong, created by  Master Binhui He.  Evaluated by a panel of 13 scientist and medical doctors from China. this technique was unanimously considered as the medical Qiqong worth promoting to the public due to its many positive health benefits..

What's so unique about JSELF?

With regular practice. not only increases energy and vitality and it’s a natural treatment and prevention of chronic diseases, but also awakens the intuitive self-healing ability.  The latter is the true gift of this practice.



A very holistic, smart and efficient healthcare system that:


  • Promotes total relaxation
  • Increase vitality
  • Strengthens the body and the immune system.  
  • Increases the ability to recover from illness.  
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Relief of pain and aches
  • Decrease pharmaceutical intervention
  • Unlocks cellular memory releasing suppressed emotions and hidden personal beliefs.  
  • Unfold latent intuitive capabilities
  • Increase mental clarity and creativity

And forgot to mention…it makes you smarter!


The complete JSELF program is carried out in three successive levels.  It’s not necessary to finish all levels.  Students can choose to stay at any level.  Either way, there will always experience some kind of benefits.

Depending on the level, the program is experienced as weekends classes or week-long retreats; in a group or privately.  This is the best way for the instructor to know her students in-depth and provide proper medical coaching, as well as to create a rapport.

For better results, consistent practice is advised.

Level I – Jump start your energy!

A 2-day class, we begin building the energetic foundation to start this journey.

You’ll learn an ancient Chinese practice for longevity, Five Elements Medical Qigong. The importance of this practice, aside from its energizing and mood-elevating effects, it naturally conduces to self-awareness and examination.  Necessary tools to start the Journey Into The Self for Health & Wealth.

A smart and efficient healthcare system, it’s practiced indoor (or outdoor, when weather permits).  It doesn’t take much space or equipment, just you and a chair.

 At the end of the 2-day class, you’ll end up wanting more.  That’s why this course includes unlimited free weekly practice at the beautiful Fairchild garden guided by Lilly Lei, M.D.

 – Learn Tai-Chi 5 elements Medical Qigong

– Medical Coaching

– Symptom-triggered mini-lectures on the energetics of the symptom.

– Unlimited weekly practice at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden


Level II – Work with your energy field

– Learn to connect, amplify and move your energy within the body.

– Work with your symptoms.  Know your body.

– Learn tricks & games to manage your energy field

– Learn how to exchange energy with your environment

– Fasting with water (Optional).  Learn the real source of your vitality.


Level III – Work with mind & spirit

 – Know your mind

– Know your spirit. Learn your true self through Birth Chart calculation

-Identify and work with limiting beliefs

– Advance your life goals with application of Feng Shui & other metaphysical calculations.

– Acupuncture for Wellness (optional)



Prepare your Body & Mind for Winter 2020

Raise your energy with Medical QIGONG/CHI-KUNG Meditation