A Self-Healing Experience


What is JSELF program?


JOURNEY INTO THE SELF FOR HEALTH (JSELF), pronounced as Jayself, is a Medical-Qigong-based program put together by Lilly Lei, M.D.  

It’s a Self-healing program that uses Taiji five-element Medical Qigong with a self-development workout, backed by knowledge of both medical system, Western and Eastern.  The Chinese medicine includes classical application of Chinese Metaphysics (Acupuncture, Astrology and Feng Shui).


What is Medical Qigong?

The word Qigong literally means cultivation of the human bio-energy field (a.k.a. Aura).

It's a millenary Chinese Taoist healthcare system, where Acupuncture and Chinese Metaphysics come from.

There are many types of Qigong.  The main categories are: spiritual, martial arts and medical.  

Medical Qigong meditation is a comprehensive mind-body work-out.  It has a physical-electrical component, and a psycho-spiritual one.

It combines acupuncture-channel-centered exercises with breathing exercises, self-massage and meditation/mindfulness. It works out the bio-energy field for self-healing purposes.

The medical Qigong technique used in this program is the Taiji five-element Qigong created by Master Binhui He, Head of the anti-cancer research project of the Chinese Society of Qigong Science.  It’s used for the natural treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.

A growing number of Western medical publications are reporting that a “Regular practice of Qigong exercise therapy has the potential to improve cancer-related QOL and is indirectly linked to cancer prevention and survival”.



The practice of Medical Qigong  conduces to spontaneous self-awareness - conducive to self-examination. And at the same time is an energizing practice. A perfect set-up for spiritual work-out.

When combined with a self-development work-out, as in the JSELF program, it accelerates the recovery time and consolidates the energy in the body.

It requires guidance from knowledgeable instructor, on both medical system, to understand the messages coming from the body to avoid delusions delaying the path to the true self.  

This is what the JSELF program is all about. It applies the Pareto principle of exerting 20% of the effort to obtain 80% of the result of optimum health.

A very holistic, smart and efficient healthcare system that:

  • Promotes total relaxation
  • Increase vitality
  • Strengthens the body and the immune system.  
  • Increases the ability to recover from illness.  
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Relief of pain and aches
  • Decrease pharmaceutical intervention
  • Unlocks cellular memory releasing suppressed emotions and hidden personal beliefs.  
  • Unfold latent intuitive capabilities
  • Increase mental clarity and creativity

And forgot to mention... it makes you smarter.


Bottom line, JSELF program promotes the skill of discerning your own true voice and act upon it for health promotion;  while energizing the body and restoring health


The complete JSELF program consists of 3 levels:


Level I       Learn the basics

Level II     Learn to feel and communicate with your energy field.

Level III   Learn how to manage your energy.  Open your Spiritual Gateway.

Level I

Learn to relax your mind.  Mini-lectures on Self-Healing are included.

Learn the core technique of this meditation as a skill for relaxation.  It is a requirement for the advanced level.  It's OK to hang at this level longer until you’re ready to advance.  You can use this knowledge as a survival skill.  Just like swimming, you'll never know when it comes handy.

Best example of the usefulness of this skill is the incident of the boys trapped in a cave in Thailand in the Summer of 2018.  They remained calm awaiting for their rescuers.  At the end none of them suffer from PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress syndrome) thanks to the meditation training given to the boys by their soccer coach and Buddhist monk.

4 sessions of 1 1/2 hrs each.

Free practice afterwards.

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Level II

Learn all about your own bio-energy field, even how to build it up.  

This is where it gets very interesting!

Through a series of techniques and games, discover and explore your bio-energy field. Learn to feel it and how it changes depending on your mental attitude.  It'll blow your mind away and change the way you see your physical reality forever.

At this level, you’ll observe more in-depth your symptoms, emotions and health challenges.  As you learn new aspects about yourself, experience progressive improvement in your health. You'll begin to understand the principle of energetics in your body.  Discover your true nature as your healing resources unfold.  Medical Coaching is included, if desired.

Mini-lectures on energetics of Self-Healing are included in these classes.

Requisite: Level I.  Contraindicated in individuals on anti-psychotic medication or family history of psychosis.

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Level III

Learn to manage your energy

Learn the language of Energetics.

Open your spiritual gateway.  Deepen the exploration of the Self.  Overcome personal oblivion and transform your Life view.  It's a continuation of Level II.  Advanced meditation practices are combined with structured exercises of self-exploration.  Finally quieting your mind on command, and strengthening your intuitive abilities.

Advanced students have access to Medical coaching, Acupuncture sessions and Chinese herbal prescriptions for Wellness.  Requisite: Level II.

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