Level I

Learn to relax your mind.

Learn the core technique of this meditation as a skill for relaxation.  It is a requirement for the advanced level.  It's OK if you don't to advance.  You can use this knowledge as a survival skill.  Just like swimming, you'll never know when it comes handy.

Like the incident of the boys trapped in a cave in Thailand in the Summer of 2018.  They remained calm awaiting for their rescuers.  At the end none of them suffer from PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress syndrome) thanks to the meditation training given to the boys by their soccer coach and Buddhist monk.

1 1/2 hr session for 4 weeks.  Free practice afterwards.

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Level II

Learn to build-up your bio-energy field.

Through a series of techniques and games, discover and explore your bio-energy field.  It'll blow your mind away and change the way you see your physical reality forever.

As you learn new aspects about yourself, experience progressive improvement in your health.  You'll begin to understand the principle energetics in your body.

As you discover your true nature, you unfold your healing resources.

Requisite: Level I.  Contraindicated in individuals on anti-psychotic medication or family history of psychosis.

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Level III

Learn to manage your energy

It's not managing as you know it.  It's becoming the opposite if that, how you manage.  Learn the language of Energetics.

Open your spiritual gateway.  Deepen the exploration of the Self.  Overcome personal oblivion and transform your Life view.  This spiritual work is facilitated with the energy worked-up in Level II.  All of these are done combining the advanced meditation with structured exercises of self-exploration.  Finally quieting your mind on command and strengthened your intuitive abilities.

Requisite: Level II.

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Regular meditators - FREE

Consistent practice of meditation provides useful insights to daily life unsolved questions.

Bring your journal and capture important insights happening during the meditation.

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