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Is that possible?

Healing without medicine, is that possible? If this title caught your attention, it means that you don’t believe it is possible. But deep within you, you wish it were true. Welcome to my channel, healing without medicine, where I will show you step by step how to do so. Subscribe and be notified every time I release a new video about this topic. I will also be discussing why people don’t heal, therefore don’t believe that healing without medicine is possible; so you can understand and correct that mindset …and begin healing.

Hi, my name is Lilly Lei And I am a physician I recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome without taking any pharmaceutical pills for it. Because I knew it would interfere with my self-healing abilities. This is the kind of information I’m going to be sharing on this channel: How to heal without medicine I have a professional background in both medical views, the Eastern and the Western medical view. It is Eastern medicine- which is based on concepts of energy- that provided me the understanding of how we can heal without medicine, in this channel, I will take you, on a journey into the Self for Health and Wealth.

The tools for this journey rest on 5 pillars: 1) Energy management, especially if you are older than 50 years old 2) Building the body’s energy with Medical Qigong. It’s a longevity practice that I teach. I will make videos about it. 3) Know thyself, know your body. You’ve got to know what kind of body you were born into, so you can manage your health and sickness. 4) Mindfulness Education. There are studies showing that mindfulness stimulates the growth of nerve connections in your body. So it’s worth practicing 5) Nutrition

Once you have health and wellness, what do you do? Well, begin working on your wealth. Because this channel is for people who aspire to be healthy and feel well to do the meaningful things in life.