A consistent practice is essential to develop a Self-Healing skill and reap the health benefits.

If you’re committed to the practice of JSFH Qigong and you’re in the area of Miami, I encourage you to become member of Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden.  Where practice are held every Sunday at __am. (contact us)

Becoming a member at FTBG to practice JSFH Qigong is incredibly economical.  

For example, an Individual membership is $95/year.  If you practice JSFH Qigong 9 months ourtof 12, the entrance fee comes down to $2.38, instead of $25 every time to come in.  The saving is more if you extend the membership to your family, grandchildren and friends.  Just do the math!

For that amount, you not only get to  enjoy the well-being of the JSFH Qigong practice, but all the benefits that FTBG offer.  

The lush vegetation and 83 acres provides a perfect environment for the practice.  In addition to their facilities, events, shop, classes and access to other botanical garden around the world.